If you are looking to generate productivity at all levels of your company, Global Impact can tailor a training program that will help you accomplish your goals.

We offer various training programs for all the different types of needs within a company or corporation. If you would like your managers to be better leaders, we have a program that can bring out the ‘hidden’ leadership qualities in them. We also offer a mentorship program for your high-level managers and key corporate executives.

If you are looking for solid sales training that will teach your entry-level sales force how to become successful hunters, thus cutting down on your training costs, we have a program that will have them soaring high during their ramp up time and beyond. We can also mentor those seasoned farmers on how to hunt again. We will teach your recruiting staff how to recognize the attitudes and speech patterns of successful qualified candidates, so you can cut down on back fills and costly unemployment costs.

If you are a staffing augmentation company, we will teach your recruiters how to be better miners for those clients that are hiring, so your sales staff can do what they are hired to do – meet with clients.

The old adage “those who can do, and those who can’t teach” doesn’t apply to our staff. Global Impact Staffing is a company that teaches because it has been and continues to be a successful key player in finding and producing the nation’s top executive talent.
Contact us today to let us know how we can help you with your training needs.